Online Applications Offline

. Wednesday, January 7, 2009
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The Web 2.0 revolution has brought us applications that we never knew were possible. The ability to customize just about anything, from our Google page to sneakers. Or the ability to read reviews about local restaurants written by every day people. The Wiki phenomena has empowered the end user with the ability to contribute and customize whenever, however and whatever they want.

Can this online phenomena be applied offline?

A group in London thought so when they opened Inamo. Every table in the restaurant is touch sensitive with a digital menu being projected onto the table Customers can customize the decore by selecting from different animated table clothes and sounds. While waiting for their meal customers can watch their meal being prepared via a live feed, play digital games, or find out what is going on in the neighborhood. If a date goes well customers can even use the table to call for a taxi.

Another great example of taking online offline is the VitaminWater space in London. The store is predominantly for meetings and training; however, the space also acts as a brand experience center where individuals can sample test flavors of the drink. The best part is that people can leave comments on the walls about the flavors they tested. Talk about free market research.

How has MarketR taken online offline?
To develop empathy towards homeless people living in Kitsilano, MarketR teamed up with a Kitsilano High School student to develop the Houseless Project. The team provided the tools for the homeless community to write poetry on the topic "what home means to them."
We were able to secure distribution of the poems in local bookstores and raised over $2500 for a local homeless shower program.

In order to promote the Houseless Project, MarketR posted the poems on large posters around the local community. Next to the posters we had a brief blurb about the project and a blank piece of paper with a pen attached. What happened next was phenomenal. A discussion started between residents of the local community about the project. Most thought the project was excellent a few thought otherwise. The conversation created engagement and people remembered and talked to others about the project. Sales of the poems skyrocketed and the project received a front page write up in the 24 hours newspaper. Who said comments were for online only?

How can you bring online applications offline?
-Don't just encourage positive reviews online, encourage them offline too.
-Allow your customers to customize their experience at your business. (Remembering who your loyal customers are and what they usually purchase is a good first step)

If you are interested in online applications offline for your business or marketing campaign, call the MarketR team.