It's Not Business, It's Personal - Pt.0

. Sunday, January 4, 2009
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This is the first post, in a multi-post series about using social networks to promote your business.

It is clear that social networks are here to stay. Just look at the following search trend for Facebook in Canada.
And it looks even better worldwide.
Why can't my stock portfolio look like that? (Try Google Insights yourself using the terms Myspace vs Facebook.) Hopefully you can see why I am a big fan of Facebook.

Anyway back to the important stuff! As I was saying, these posts are designed to assist you in your online social marketing/networking. This post is probably the MOST IMPORTANT out of them all. Because if you don't remember this, everything you do to promote your business on social networks will fail.

If you remember only one thing about social marketing online, remember this. "It's not business, It's Personal."

Social Marketing Online is about being personal.
-Listen to what your potential and existing customers are saying about you, and more importantly show them that you are listening.
-Keep your posts relevant. Nobody wants to know about your sale on merchandise that you need to shift asap. People do want to hear about how they can look great this new years for a lot less then they thought.
-Remember that you are not pushing your business. Instead you are building relationships. As soon as you become pushy people will stop listening.

These 3 tips will help you in achieving a successful online social networking strategy.

Keep posted to the blog for "It's not business, It's Personal - Part 1," where we will answer the question. How do I listen to what people are saying about my business?