Listen To Your Audience

. Monday, January 12, 2009
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Social Network Advertising is notorious for having a low click through rate.

[Click Through Rate: The number of clicks an ad receives in comparison to the number of times the ad is shown. Example, an ad shown 100 times receiving 10 clicks has a 10% click through rate.]

Facebook advertising has an average click through rate of 0.04% to put that in perspective for every 7,451 impressions your ad will receive 3 clicks

MarketR decided to do some market research, to understand what ads Facebook users in Vancouver remembered the most. Not surprisingly the answer was not many. A few random ads came up such as jewlerry stores in Vancouver and club events, however one consistent ad was Donald Trump. The ad was for a motivation seminar with one of the guests being Donald Trump. None of the respondents claimed they clicked on the ad, however they did remember the ad quite well.

For one of our larger clients we decided to do some test ads to see if we could increase the click through rate.

Test ad 1

Test ad 2

As you can see the biggest difference is the picture. The text stayed the same and the segmentation of viewers stayed the same.

Results: Test ad 1 received a click through rate of 0.07% in the first 3 days. Test ad 2 received a click through rate of 0.10% in the first 3 days. Pretty respectful for both ad tests. However after 3 days the Donald Trump ad went down to 0.05% and the test ad 1 stayed at 0.07%

Social Network Advertising is still being perfected. At MarketR we play around with Facebook Advertising, however we understand that the best use of social networks is to build relationships.