Get Noticed

. Thursday, January 22, 2009
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"My company is the best, why do I need to pay for marketing?"

This is why.

A study done by the Washington Post asked, "can one of the greatest musicians in North America get noticed in Washington D.C?"

The experimenters recruited Joshua Bell, the most famous living violinists in the world. They put him in regular street clothes and a baseball cap, and placed him in a D.C. metro station during rush hour. They also gave him one of the best violins in the world, valued at over a million dollars. Joshua Bell was asked to play some of the finest classical pieces ever written.

This is what happened.

Over 43 minutes of world class music and only a few people stopped to listen. The most surprising result, was when people were asked what they thought of the music after they passed through the hall, most people didn't even notice the violinist.

Without proper communication, even the most talented violinist in the world can't get noticed. How is your company going to do it?

I guarantee the response to Joshua Bell would have been far greater if there was a sign next to him explaining who Joshua Bell was and that he had just played for the president the night before. The response would have been greater if he was dressed like a world famous violinist.

Marketing is your company's clothes and signage. Marketing is how you communicate to your potential and existing clients. If you know you are the best at something, make sure everyone knows it. Don't wait for people to find out themselves.

Try this: If you know you are the best in your industry geographically, type in Google "The best (your industry) in (your geographic region)."

For example, "The best tennis club in Vancouver"

Does your company come up on the first page?

If not, then your company has no signage and is wearing street clothes and a baseball hat online.

Be the best. Call MarketR