Twitter, Tweets, Twestival, Tweetheart... pt1

. Thursday, May 28, 2009
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Everyone is using and talking about Twitter. From talk show host Ellen, to dictators in North Korea. Twitter is an amazing communication tool with endless possibilities, however brands are still unsure how to use Twitter effectively.

The next few posts will be all about how your company can use Twitter to build relationships with potential and existing customers.

*For a list of Twitter terms as seen in the title of this post visit the Twitterspeak page on Mashable.

Definition of Tweetheart: that special tweeter who makes your heart skip a beat.

Step 1: People don't enjoy talking or listening to robots.
Twitter RobotExample: From the twitter account (I apologize for using a political website as an example, however it was the best example of how not to use twitter.)

"CIA Deputy Chief Visits Yemen for Talks on Fighting Terrorism: Steven Kappes made an unannounced visit to the co.."

If you visit the
youngrepublicans twitter account you will notice every message includes a link to a website they want you to visit. There are no thoughts, emotions, or questions in any of the messages. There is no indication that there is a real person behind these messages. Even worse it seems the youngrepublicans have a serious problem interacting with other Twitter users.

How can the youngrepublicans use twitter more effectively?

Set-up twitter accounts as an actual human being representing the youngrepublicans brand.

Twitter name: John Doe
Bio: Senior Director for

Now John Doe can express how he feels about anything going on in regards to the youngrepublicans brand.

Posts can now read like this:

"Just read a great article on the CIA Deputy Chief's Visit to Yemen where he talks about fighting terrorism. Let me know what you think."

Take away: When researching online marketing you will hear a lot of people using terms such as engagement, interaction, and transparency.

What do these words mean?

It means consumers want relationships and they can't have relationships with brands that act like robots.

Twitter robot characteristics.
-All talk and no listening
-Never engaging in conversations with other Twitter users
-Automated messages when you receive followers.
-No human attached to the Twitter account
-Generic posts with no opinion, or emotion

The next post will talk about how you can use tools such as Twitter Search and #tags to listen to your existing and potential customers.

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