Facebook.com/yournamehere - Vanity URL

. Saturday, June 13, 2009
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We know we said the next few posts would be all about Twitter, but we felt this could not wait.

Facebook has announced that it will be issuing vanity URLs for Facebook accounts.

You may be asking, what is a vanity URL? It is your chance to claim your very own piece of Facebook.

In the past Facebook URLs would be made up of what looks like random numbers. This was very inconvenient for brands who wanted to promote their Facebook page offline, because who would remember "www.Faceboook.com/profile.php?id=123456789" ?

So Facebook has finally followed Twitter, and MySpace and offered a personalized "vanity url" that can now look like this www.facebook.com/brandname

Because nobody can have the same Facebook URL this space is going to go quick, this means you need to move fast. If you have an existing Facebook page, log-in to Facebook and visit the Facebook.com/username website. From there you are given suggestions for your custom Facebook URL. Click the more option to input your own choice. Note: This also works for Facebook brand pages, however you must have over 1000 fans.

If you do not already have a Facebook page for yourself or brand, you are out of luck. New Facebook accounts are not eligible.

Now for my rant.

For brands who have recognized the potential for social media, the new vanity URL is great news. For brands who thought it would be a fad, the news is irrelevant because these brands are not eligible for a custom Facebook URL. Which means by the time they get 1000 Facebook fans, the URL they want will not be available.

Let this be a lesson to those brands still on the social media sidelines. Get out and play! Because if you don't you might never get a chance to.

*Note: You may have noticed the blog has not been updated regularly. The MarketR team is currently in Europe facilitating online marketing workshops for brands wanting to play the social media game.

The team will be back on June 22nd.