Social Media - Join The Party

. Monday, March 9, 2009
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Social media is like a big party. People are catching up with old friends, or friends they just saw that day. People are sharing stories, getting to know new people with similar interests, and being introduced to people by their friends.

Everything that is talked about at a party is talked about using social media.
-How good the movie was that just came out.
-Who went out on a date with Kate.
-What happened in the hockey game that just ended.

Why does this information matter?
The reason why most social media marketing fails is because marketers fail to realize why people use Twitter, and Facebook.

Twitter is a party for people who are too busy to stay for long and just want to keep updated.
Imagine someone shows up to the party and doesn't stop talking. This person doesn't listen to what other are saying. Instead he keeps talking about how cool he is and why people should be friends with him. Guess what? He is quickly kicked out of the party. Now imagine someone shows up pretending to be someone they are not. Check out the post on Brittney Spears and Twitter. We all know what happens then.

Facebook is a party for people who have too much time on their hands and want to know everything about everyone.

The problem is that if your not interesting then nobody cares to get to know you. Meaning if your content is not updated daily with video, pictures and conversations with others nobody cares if you are at the party or not. Another big problem related to Facebook is that the older generation are starting to show up to the party. Imagine peoples relatives and even worse, parents showing up. It will be interesting to see if the younger core group of Facebook users will start to find a party somewhere else.

Don't be the party crasher. Listen to what people are talking about and engage in the conversation. Keep your content fresh and genuine. If your brand is aimed at the younger generation use Facebook. If not, find something else. Remember that social media is a two-way conversation. It is not about talking, it is about listening and engaging.